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Performance Design & Self-Leadership

How leaders and teams develop self-awareness and drive personal performance

  • For leaders needing greater self-awareness

  • For professionals seeking performance strategies around their strengths, weaknesses, biases and blindspots

  • For teams who have developed a self-centred culture of, “Not my responsibility!”

Self-awareness is perhaps the most critical skill that leaders and high-performance professionals can develop. And truthfully, all of us can develop greater self-awareness and better understand our own hierarchy of values.

The behavioural sciences long ago discovered that when it comes to lasting behaviour change, design beats discipline. Rather than hyping ourselves up with motivation or beating ourselves up with discipline, we are far more successful if we design “behavioural hacks” around our weaknesses and amplification systems for our strengths.

In understanding our own values, preferred communication styles and behavioural biases we also gain a greater appreciation of how these might be interpreted by others. In other words, self-awareness not only influences our own behaviours and performance, it impacts that of those around us.

In this exciting and purposeful workshop, Dan Gregory & Kieran Flanagan will help you lift your performance and learn how to pull your own strings! You will:

  • Learn how to turn your weaknesses into assets and how to avoid the vulnerabilities in your strengths

  • Keep yourself “on purpose” by creating guiding questions to direct all your decisions through

  • Understand how you filter the world and make personal meaning (especially under stress)

  • Hack human nature and design with performance in mind rather than relying on discipline and motivation alone

  • Become conscious to your biases, blindspots, breaks and blocks

We’ve had amazing feedback - Very grateful!
The psychologsist and business person in me are in heaven.
A highly engaging, entertaining and thought provoking workshop around entrepreneurship, risk taking and decision making within a highly regulated environment
Over 100 leaders in the real estate industry left our convention buzzing with possibilities.
Engaging, entertaining and informative and we were so impressed that we are preparing to work with them again this year for another area of our business.

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