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Workshops - Make Change Positive

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Creative Problem Solving & Innovation

How leaders and teams generate more innovative solutions to increasingly complicated problems

  • For leaders who want to unlock the genius in their teams

  • For teams who need to install new cognitive software to solve increasingly complex challenges

  • For organisations seeking to build their innovation strategies around a deliberate and congruent process rather than relying on luck

Everyone from the Harvard Business Review, to Kellogg Insight, from the London Business School to Stanford Magazine in California are touting Creative Problem Solving as the critical leadership skill to not only navigate a world of unprecedented change, but also to remain relevant in a world where AI, robots and algorithms are both smarter and faster than the human beings who manufacture them. 

Of course, the problem is, our traditional definitions of creativity are outdated and have more to do with artistry than creativity. The Impossible Institute believes a more useful and practical definition of creativity is, “The capacity to solve problems in ways we’ve not seen before.” 

The truth is, creativity can be learned and amplified using the tools and techniques Kieran and Dan has been teaching for the past 25 years. Tools that have helped teachers, lawyers, bankers and bureaucrats become some of the most innovative thinkers in their industries around the planet. If we want to remain relevant as leaders, we need to learn to think outside of the default and the routine.

In this inspiring workshop, Kieran Flanagan & Dan Gregory will take your creative problem solving skills up to level “De Bono”! You’ll discover:

  • How to unlock your genius (and the genius inside your team)

  • Learn to think in questions, not statements

  • Develop a process for thinking differently… deliberately and consistently!

  • Expand your cognitive bandwidth to see possibilities you’re missing

  • Develop a framework for driving entrepreneurship and “Innovation on Purpose”


Team Dynamics & Collaboration

How leaders and teams drive high-performance collaboration & teamwork

  • For leaders wanting to drive greater collaboration and team work

  • For managers trying to negotiate the personality dynamics within their teams

  • For teams who need to generate a greater appreciation for the diversity and skills sets within the other members of the organisation

An MIT Study in 2014 proved what we have always suspected was true, diverse leadership teams are not only desirable at a social and governance level, they also make us smarter and increase our resilience in times of economic downturn or commercial crisis. 

This makes the ability to inspire high performance through collaboration across a team of diverse backgrounds and different skill sets a critical leadership function.

The Impossible Institute’s Team Dynamics program was designed to help leaders and teams become more aware of their cognitive biases whilst building an appreciation for what others bring to the table - particularly those who see the world rather differently than we do. Additionally, it also arms leaders with a framework through which they can drive and measure collaboration.

In this exciting and often entertaining workshop, Kieran Flanagan & Dan Gregory will take your collaborative intelligence up to “Team Genius”. You’ll discover:

  • The Default Thinking Frames (DTF™) we all use to filter the world through and make meaning from

  • What each person’s DTF™ brings to the party and how we augment each others’ weaknesses whilst amplifying our strengths

  • A shared language for creating compelling communication whilst increasing clarity and decreasing conflict

  • A framework to establish who is in your team, who is missing and where your skills and personality gaps might lie

  • How to increase collaboration and shared ownership across individual team members, departments and silos


Presentation Mastery & Engagement

How leaders and teams drive high-performance collaboration & teamwork

  • For executives who need to better engage their teams and communities

  • For professionals looking to increase their personal and professional influence

  • For emerging leaders who need to lead the room and challenge the status quo

What makes our teams and our communities buy in? This question sits at the heart of every successful leadership strategy.

To be successful as a leader today, to create influence up, down and out and to inspire others with your thinking and ideas, you need to master the art and science of persuasive communication and presentation skills. 

Kieran Flanagan and Dan Gregory are professional keynote speakers who were voted by Meetings & Conventions Magazine in the USA as one of the top C-Suite Speakers to watch. They have also spent the past 10 years mentoring thought leaders, keynote speakers, pitch teams and C-Suite executives in persuasive communication skills and  created simple frameworks to help the teams they work with structure their arguments, increase their confidence and inspire others with the change they seek to make in the world.

In this highly practical and relevant workshop, Kieran Flanagan & Dan Gregory will help you develop persuasive presentation skills and generate high engagement for your ideas. You’ll:

  • Learn how to structure your messaging and delivery to maintain engagement

  • Build confidence and comfort by understanding your unique presentation voice and style

  • Discover how to use different tonality, stories, light and shade to make the mundane memorable and captivating

  • Understand the different mediums of communication - verbal, visual and behavioural

  • Gain a process for engaging hearts and minds and moving people to action


Change Strategy & Insight Mapping

How leaders and teams make positive change by changing how they read change

  • For organisations overwhelmed by what’s changing around them

  • For leaders needing to make change stick in an environment of unprecedented disruption

  • For managers and teams experiencing change fatigue and increasing cynicism

We are living in an age of unprecedented change where entire industries are being disrupted, business models that have served us for decades are failing and the skills we’ve invested our time and money in are being outsourced, off-shored and automated. So it’s hardly surprising that leaders, teams and even our customers and communities find change such a confronting phenomenon.

But what if our approach to change is all wrong? What if it’s incomplete and we’re actually missing enormous opportunities

The Impossible Institute’s Change & Insight Mapping workshop was created to help leaders, teams and organisations take a more holistic view of change and consider all Three Spheres of Change™: 

  1. What is changing

  2. What needs changing

  3. What is unchanging

In this liberating and empowering workshop, Kieran Flanagan & Dan Gregory will help you and your team go from change negative to change positive. You’ll delve into:

  • The 3 Spheres of Change™ and how you’re tracking in each of the three

  • How a Transitional Identity™ should play a role in your change strategy

  • How to mine data and information for trends, anchors and opportunities

  • Where you should invest your training and hiring strategies

  • How to develop resilience and optimism in the face of change

We’ve had amazing feedback - Very grateful!
The psychologsist and business person in me are in heaven.
A highly engaging, entertaining and thought provoking workshop around entrepreneurship, risk taking and decision making within a highly regulated environment
Over 100 leaders in the real estate industry left our convention buzzing with possibilities.
Engaging, entertaining and informative and we were so impressed that we are preparing to work with them again this year for another area of our business.

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