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Champions of Change

Do more than just lead your team, lead your entire industry

Leadership is about so much more than managing people, it requires a capacity to make a meaningful contribution to your field, to shape the future of your industry and to create engagement around a compelling vision.

Whether you’re looking to reinvigorate your existing leadership team or to identify the star performers and thought leaders of the future, Champions of Change will provide them with the skills they need, but even more importantly, will help them develop a change Initiative that moves the entire organisation forward - this is practical education, not just theory.

The program is designed to be run as a two day workshop or as a 6-12 month program and combines intensive immersion sessions, group mentoring and practical outcomes that allow your ELT and board to get a line of sight on the leaders and emerging leaders who have the ability to lead your team into an ever evolving future.

In this program we will explore how your leaders can:

  • Develop a change project and establish their thought leadership in the organisation

  • Add to their creative problem solving tools

  • Effectively and compellingly present their ideas to senior leaders or the board and create engagement around their thinking

  • Increase their engagement up and their influence out 

  • Have greater confidence in their strategic thinking and persuasive communication

  • Learn a framework for evaluating The 3 Spheres of Change™ for trends, anchors and opportunities

  • Better engage and inspire their peers at every level of the organisation

What a fantastic way to kick off the new year! (We’ve been) flooded with positive phone calls and emails!
I learned a huge amount and the team feedback has been incredibly positive.
A unique ability of entertaining an audience with humour while giving them a wide range of strategies that can make a significant difference to their bottom line.
Rarely have I heard anybody articulate their thoughts with such clarity and vision. His intelligence and insight provides a much greater understanding of how to engage your customers, your team and the community. I would whole heartedly recommend Dan, you will never be disappointed.

Let’s work together and help your leaders become champions of change:

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