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Kieran Flanagan @ThinkKieranF

Rated in “the top 25 C-Suite Speakers to watch,” by Meetings & Conventions USA, Kieran Flanagan helps the leaders, teams and organisations she works with to make positive change and make change positive.

Kieran Flanagan helps leaders, teams and organisations make the process of positive change itself a positive experience. 

We are living in an age of unprecedented change that is both incredibly exciting and just a little bit frightening. Perhaps unsurprisingly, organisations, leaders and teams are complaining of change fatigue as they struggle to negotiate technological changes that render long held roles and career skills obsolete, commercial changes that add new competitors to already crowded marketplaces and social and cultural changes that challenge our very values and belief systems.

Many of the issues we experience around change come down to how we view change and, just as importantly, how we choose to execute change or “do it”. We traditionally see change as something that is either thrust upon us or else something we strive to achieve. However, in order to make the process of change a positive experience, we need to consider all of The 3 Spheres of Change - What is changing, What needs changing and just as critically, What is unchanging.

Kieran works with leaders and teams helping them make positive change a positive experience by training the organisations she works with to change how they think, how they work and how they create engagement around change and their vision for the future - to Create, Collaborate and Captivate.

Rated in “the top 25 C-Suite Speakers to watch” by Meetings & Conventions USA and drawing comparisons to "Melissa McCarthy", she brings light and laughter to leading change whether she's: 

  • Working with professional services firms - training their future leaders

  • Leading the strategic and creative team behind the most successful new product launch in Australian history 

  • Or engineering Coca-Cola’s most extraordinary brand turn around. 

Kieran Flanagan has worked with the UN in Singapore - developing strategies to fight human trafficking in Asia, has run innovation programs for Unilever, Bayer and the NSW and Australian Government Departments as well as facilitating cultural change programs for tech giants across multiple continents.

Ultimately, she teaches leaders, change agents and organisations how to make positive change and make that change positive!

Kieran is an expert in strategic change and a highly in-demand speaker who speaks on: How to make positive change while making the change itself positive.


Change : Change how you do change

How leaders create certainty and confidence in times of change

What if competition filled us with a sense of excitement? 

What if we could feel more in control, even in the midst of disruption? 

What if our default response to change was positive?

In this inspiring and often thought-provoking presentation & workshop, Kieran will help you and your team answer these questions through the lens of The Three Spheres of Change™: 

  1. What is changing

  2. What is unchanging

  3. What needs changing

She’ll help you shift your mindset from Change Negative to Change Positive and help your team develop the Forever Skills, leaving them (and you) feeling more energised, more resilient and more optimistic.

 In this presentation you’ll explore how to:

  • Navigate the Three Spheres of Change™ and how your organisation is performing in all three

  • Discover the Forever Skills that help future proof your capabilities

  • Develop mental agility using the "6 R's of Resilience”

  • Learn where to best invest your strategy and future training

  • Gain tools and a framework for embracing the opportunities in change


Creativity : Change how you think

How leaders generate better solutions to increasingly complicated problems

The World Economic Forum, EY and IBM have all identified Creative Problem Solving as the critical leadership skill for the 21st Century. And yet, most still view creativity as a talent you are either born with, or not, rather than as a discipline and mindset and a suite of skills that can be learned, nurtured and developed. 

As a result, few have developed the techniques and tools required to generate innovative solutions to increasingly complicated problems.

In this incredibly liberating & exciting presentation, Kieran will help you and your team unlock your genius, expand your cognitive bandwidth and “out-think” your limits (and your competition).

In this presentation you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify your default thinking styles

  • Gain insights by learning to think in questions, not statements

  • Explore a system for thinking differently… deliberately and consistently!

  • Add a repertoir of tools that stretch your thinking and generate better ideas

  • Develop a process for driving entrepreneurship and “Innovation on Purpose”


Communication : Change how you engage your team

How leaders build trust, loyalty and high-performance teamwork

As our teams expectations increase, so too must our ability to create engagement around our products and services and, just as importantly, around change and our vision for the future.

Creating engagement and building a highly collaborative culture is ultimately a combination of presentation skills, collaborative intelligence (or We-Q) and of values alignment and a willingness to invest in our own emotional intelligence. This requires a skills set and process to increase our empathy and better understand what the other members of our team bring to the party and how they respond to different styles of communication and interaction.

In this highly practical and commercially savvy presentation, Kieran will provide you with tools and strategies to turn your team into enthusiasts, raise your Collaborative Intelligence (We-Q) and build teams that buy in to your vision and mission.

 In this presentation you’ll learn how to:

  • Build stronger connections within your team

  • Understand the science of team dynamics & how to connect with everyone in the room

  • Learn what sits behind engagement and the values others filter their world through

  • Increase the persuasiveness of your internal and external communications and presentation style

  • Explore how to generate ownership through a process of co-creation


Control : Change how you generate results

How leaders, teams and organisations can harness human nature

Too often, as leaders, our strategies for generating results lean pretty heavily on either motivation, or discipline. In other words, “Build up” or “Beat up”. And, though these can deliver short term results, they can also lead to burn out and increasing cynicism within our teams and cultures.

For long lasting results and performance, a far more reliable approach is to harness human nature and “hack our own behaviour.” In other words, rather than working with who we wish we were (or who we wish our team was), we can learn to work with our own biases and behaviours.

In this highly practical and commercially savvy presentation, Kieran will provide you with tools and strategies to help you and your team align your performance with your natural preferences and hack your own mental software.

 In this presentation you’ll learn how to:

  • Discover the things that pull your strings and why the “breakages” in your performance occur

  • Develop a strategy for improving outcomes by design

  • Increase accountability by reframing how you experience time

  • Understand the impact of environment and systems on improving team output

  • Learn how to fix the frictions in your processes

Delegates were literally buzzing through the hours of workshops that followed and we were able to achieve the directions we required to take us forward.
I learned a huge amount and the team feedback has been incredibly positive.
Kieran’s presentation was a breath of fresh air. She is a ball of energy, totally engaging, brilliant use of humour, super visuals and great delivery, but above all she was totally on message with great content. They loved her.
Kieran Flanagan’s presentation was so inspiring - thank you.
In 12 years of running SWB, Kieran is the first speaker to receive a 100% approval rating from all delegates!

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