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Forever Skills

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The 12 skills to future proof yourself, your team and your kids 

In a world where the constant conversation is ‘what’s changing’ we explore ‘what isn’t changing?’ What are the skills that will see us succeed no matter what else changes around us?

We call these Forever Skills™.

Why? Because they will be forever useful. They will help us get ahead in business and in life regardless of what is changing around us.

Forever Skills™ are the skills we should develop in ourselves, our workplaces and our children.

Change is going to remain a constant. It isn’t going away or slowing down, rather it’s speeding up and you can’t shut your eyes, put your fingers in your ears and say la, la, la. (Well you could be petulant if you wish, but it won't make one jot of a difference).

As our world enters the fourth industrial revolution it will be changed in ways we can hardly imagine. From AI, to nanotech to self driving cars. So how do we prepare for a world we can scarcely imagine? 

Economists and futurists are sharing predictions and warnings that range from the inspiring to the rather unsettling. Most of the talk is about what is coming and what we might need to change to be part of it. Yet they neglect a very crucial part of the conversation, ‘what isn't changing’.

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