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Customer Experience Design

How leaders and teams develop congruent behaviour that drives better customer and community experiences

  • For leaders seeking to align brand values and behaviours

  • For organisations who need to walk their talk and rebuild trust

  • For teams looking to create a positive experience at every touch point of the customer journey

In a world of decreasing trust and increasing cynicism, our brand is less about what we say and much more about how we behave and the things we do.

Every organisation and industry has breakage points in its customer and client experiences where we fail to live up to their expectations. However, we also have innately within our unique personalities a capacity to design “no-where-else” experiences that are so remarkable that customers become evangelists for our cause and share these stories on our behalf.

In this exciting and often entertaining workshop Dan Gregory & Kieran Flanagan will increase your understanding of what drives your behaviour and help you design a superior customer experience strategy. You will:

  • Map the moments that make or break your brand in the eyes of your customers

  • Close the gap between expectations and experience

  • Build an identity-centric strategy that aligns your behaviours with your values

  • Transform you industry’s weakness into a superior signature experience

  • Develop “friction fixes” and “no-where-else experiences” that move you from storytelling to story-doing experiences (i.e. behaviours worth telling a story about)

We’ve had amazing feedback - Very grateful!
The psychologsist and business person in me are in heaven.
A highly engaging, entertaining and thought provoking workshop around entrepreneurship, risk taking and decision making within a highly regulated environment
Over 100 leaders in the real estate industry left our convention buzzing with possibilities.
Engaging, entertaining and informative and we were so impressed that we are preparing to work with them again this year for another area of our business.

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