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Culture & Purpose

How leaders and teams create a magnetic culture on purpose - dliberately, consistently and congruently

  • For leaders seeking to align your organisational beliefs and behaviours

  • For organisations wanting to create a purpose that inspires more than a framed list in the boardroom

  • For teams eager to create a culture of the willing

According to Gallup’s global workforce engagement study, organisations that do have an engaged culture and a clear sense of purpose and meaning are 22% more productive, are 27% more profitable and even generate customer satisfaction ratings 38% higher than the norm. This makes a capacity to build a culture of the willing, on purpose, a critical leadership capability.

However, despite the myriad of team-building days and purpose setting workshops, rarely does this convert to culture and purpose in action. In fact, Gallup’s same study identified workforce disengagement levels as greater than 50%, with active disengagement making up an additional 20%.

In this inspiring and highly practical workshop, Dan Gregory & Kieran Flanagan will help you and your team build a culture on purpose that is tangible and implementable.

You will:

  • Learn why most beliefs fail to translate into behaviours

  • Understand the role that environment plays in cultural cohesion

  • Build an identity-centric purpose that is self-regulating and self-correcting

  • Define the behaviours and “story-doing” that informs and codifies your culture

  • Become conscious of how the context you occupy influences your culture

We’ve had amazing feedback - Very grateful!
The psychologsist and business person in me are in heaven.
A highly engaging, entertaining and thought provoking workshop around entrepreneurship, risk taking and decision making within a highly regulated environment
Over 100 leaders in the real estate industry left our convention buzzing with possibilities.
Engaging, entertaining and informative and we were so impressed that we are preparing to work with them again this year for another area of our business.

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