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Forever Skills

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The 12 skills to future proof yourself, your team and your kids 

In a world where the constant conversation is ‘what’s changing’ we explore ‘what isn’t changing?’ What are the skills that will see us succeed no matter what else changes around us?

We call these Forever Skills™.

Why? Because they will be forever useful. They will help us get ahead in business and in life regardless of what is changing around us.

Forever Skills™ are the skills we should develop in ourselves, our workplaces and our children.

Change is going to remain a constant. It isn’t going away or slowing down, rather it’s speeding up and you can’t shut your eyes, put your fingers in your ears and say la, la, la. (Well you could be petulant if you wish, but it won't make one jot of a difference).

As our world enters the fourth industrial revolution it will be changed in ways we can hardly imagine. From AI, to nanotech to self driving cars. So how do we prepare for a world we can scarcely imagine? 

Economists and futurists are sharing predictions and warnings that range from the inspiring to the rather unsettling. Most of the talk is about what is coming and what we might need to change to be part of it. Yet they neglect a very crucial part of the conversation, ‘what isn't changing’.

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Selfish Scared & Stupid


Stop fighting human nature and increase your performance, engagement and influence

Survival of the species comes down to three basic instincts, say behavioural research strategists Dan Gregory and Kieran Flanagan—fear, self-interest and simplicity. These basic human behaviours come into play in all types of relationships, including those between businesses and customers. 

Selfish, Scared and Stupid: Stop fighting human nature and increase your performance, engagement and influence, demystifies these behaviours and examines the psychology behind why even the best ideas sometimes fail.

This book helps businesses design their organisations for reality rather than perfection, and also offers strategies to head off unprecedented levels of disengagement within, and outside, the business. It answers baffling questions around why the public sometimes fails to engage despite overwhelming data suggesting otherwise, why so many new products end up on clearance shelves and why so many great salespeople often fall short of their monthly targets.

  • Learn how the survival of the species plays into business, including delusionary realities and the reasons ideas can fail

  • Discover how to offer customers strategic rewards, thereby making the buying process more attractive to selfish natures

  • Examine the link between fear and the unknown, including strategies for quelling fears and turning them into action

  • Learn to use a simple mindset to create low-involvement products, helping appeal to instinct and making products hard to resist

This provocative book is built on the idea that businesses must return to a more human engagement methodology in order to succeed. It is an informative read for anyone interested in improving influence, growing business reach, improving sales figures or understanding the complexities of human behaviour.

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The trends changing the way we shift perceptions, people and products

From Hyper-Connectivity to Expectation Inflation, Radical Transparency to Business Model-fication, Shift examines the social trends, business currents and technological advances that are changing the way we communicate, how we build communities, share opinions, create engagement and make the sale!

Understanding these trends is critical for leaders, business people and professionals trying to make sense of the world around them and remain competitive in an age of unprecedented change.

Of course, while our capacity to track and map change is crucial, so too is an ability to implement the changes that we want to make in the world.

Shift is designed to help you see change both as an opportunity and a responsibility and inspire you to be More Creative, More Connected and More Courageous.

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